I’ve been to a number of these now. First few were downstairs at the Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell.  Decent enough venue but the upstairs bar could get rammed making buying a pint practically impossible and meaning you spent a long time missing the music!

The current venue, the College Arms, Store Street, is much more centrally located and has a less frenetic vibe. The downstairs venue is intimate; there’s plenty of seating; and the bar upstairs runs a few hand pumps for beers fans like me. The music is an eclectic mix of indie tunes centering around the 80’s but not to the exclusion of other decades! The DJs do sets of about an hour each and for fun not for profit and each brings a slightly different spin to an overall theme.

 It’s a good night out, but please don’t come as it will get too busy!!

Mark, Club Regular

The bunker club nights include a good beer, in a good location with good company.  The music speaks for itself.  What’s not to like?

PS – it’s good good music!

Trudes, Culture Bunker newbie

The Culture Bunker! woohoooo! I love their club nights! These guys really know their stuff! If you’re sick of the crap music you’re hearing everywhere else these days, then you need to check them out.They tend to hold their clubs in downstairs pub rooms, which is not only cozy and secluded, but also very fitting, since lots of the music they play is from the 80s underground scene. Geddit? Downstairs, underground……………. lol Oh, never mind! Their catalog is not strictly limited to the 80s, though. They play a nice variety of indie/shoe gaze/post punk type stuff from other decades, as well, but one thing you won’t hear is CRAP! And, if you can catch one of their theme nights, those are really great! The first Culture Bunker night I attended was the ‘Liverpool Post Punk Special’ back in October of 2012. That was an amazing time! I went with a bunch of friends to celebrate my birthday, and it was so good to be out somewhere and hear Echo and the Bunnymen, along with tons of my other favourite bands. Great music all night long! Perfect night out!

Sadly, I’ve only been to two of their nights, but that’s ONLY because I live in the US, and there’s a rather large puddle of water in my way! Luckily, it just so happens that my 2015 UK trip coincided with their recent relaunch on May 9. Yay! Held downstairs at The College Arms, in a nice big room, with plenty of great seating (couches and little booths), a chandelier, and cool birdie wallpaper that matched my dress! (hey, it’s the little things. lol) Plus, this place has a great selection of real ales and cider (not Strongbow!) on tap. ……………. Wish I could go again. Great venue, with fantastic music!

Oh, and it’s always FREE entry! ……….because, it’s all about theMUSIC!


Red Head