Mixcloud Mixes

803a-724b-478a-826e-c10c0fba7cd6There are two more mixcloud mixes for you today. The first one is from our Records I Like blog and features new musical discoveries. It includes tracks from The Close Lobsters, The Crystal Furs, Useless Youth, Young Scum, The Fireworks, The Wolfhounds, Cosines, Brunch Club and Milkmustache.

The second mix High Road Hooligan which is the Mixcloud guise of Culture Bunker DJ Rob.

A pithy compilation from the UK in the 70s and early 80s naïve and not so naïve tales of anger, heartache and kitchen sink dramas, vignettes of petty villainy, unrequited love, acting hard, teenage pregnancy and provincial town life on the dole. Lustful homages to girlie mag starlets, mosh pits and the Hawaii five-0, articulated in three chord blasts by suburban and small town guitar combos.

It features tracks from The Zips, The Perfectors, Quality Drivel, Radio Birdman, Urban Disturbance and more.