The Culture Bunker Wants You

Over the past few years London based night The Culture Bunker have successfully dj’ed in the back rooms of pubs, clubs and gigs to friends and guest alike whilst supping a bevvy or two and enjoying banter and chat. Hell we even dipped our toes into gig promoting for a brief while. Whilst there are plenty of clubs around we reckon our mix of post punk, goth, alt rock, 80’s indie and synth pop is good as any and we reckon it’s time we expanded into other venues with a bit more regularity!

Whilst we have previously been involved in establishing successful club nights and gig promotions that thing called life is getting in the way preventing us from doing this and we are now after someone to join us in making this a successful night. We especially need someone to assist in handling the social media/promotion side of things as we need to increase numbers attending the club to keep it going. And if you want to DJ with us as well even better!

We run the Culture Bunker on no budget and we make no money from the club nor gigs and nor do we want to as that is not what we are about. We do this for the love we have for music full stop and nowt else. Well maybe a beer and a chat.

Take a look at our website ( to understand our philosophy and to see what we have played at our previous nights. We are looking at a relaunch sometime in March so if you fancy it, wanna chat and find out more drop us a line to theculturebunker at outlook dot com