The Culture Bunker Presents The Sunny Street + The Tomatometers + The Mini Skips, London 09/11/2013


We are promoting our first gig!

The Culture Bunker Presents:
Saturday 9th November 2013

The Sunny Street

The Sunny Street is pop band based in London. Taking their musical cues from such touchstones as New Order and The Cure, they started The Sunny Street in 2006 after moving to London. Their sound is captivating and melancholic, capturing the fragile and haunting feelings that go along with love and life.

“Ambivalent heart peeling indie”

“Here is a band, based in London and referred to by so many blogs and reviewers as a French pop duo yet comprising of two French people a Greek person and an Englishman. None of this matters. The music is beautiful and honest. Timeless (a word used carefully here) and emotive and occupying a space that is entirely their own without shouting too much about it.”

The Tomatometers

Five piece outfit from Toulouse, France who err on the gentler side of indiepop. They have released EP’s on Volwert Records (Germany) and Dufflecoat Records (UK)

” we meet every Wednesday in a basement, we’re having fun… That’s maybe what pop is all about !”

Sure is!

The Mini Skips

“The Mini Skips did not disappoint. The Mini Skips never disappoint. Their brand of good cop/bad cop stylings do that clever thing of getting my foot tapping and making me think at the same time.”
Lost in Indiepop blog

“gentlefolkysmileyindiepop from two mainstays of the Sheffield indie pop scene. Vinnie and Markie’s music is intimate whilst also battering your face with poignantly dark humour. Lovely stuff.”
Pull Yourself Together zine

The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Rd, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 3BL
Tel: 020 7253 4285
Doors 8pm / £5